1. It is forbidden to share any content that may result in copyright infringement.

  2. Sending messages with advertisements is prohibited.

  3. It is forbidden to share texts and pictures that may negatively affect non-adults, such as violence and pornography content.

  4. A proper English should be used in question titles and messages. It is prohibited to send messages that are in all capital letters or that contain profanity, slang, or insults.

  5. It is prohibited to send messages that may lead to discrimination on grounds of language, religion, race, color, ***, political thought or philosophical belief.

  6. It is forbidden to disturb the other members in any way and to disturb the site peace.

  7. It is forbidden to share personal information such as address, phone number, email address.

  8. It is forbidden to share any content that violates the legal rights of others.

  9. It is forbidden to send any unsuitable message for “family environment”.

  10. Accounts that violate the rules may be closed. The “Report” button should be used to complain about illegal messages.



There is a free membership system on our website. You can easily subscribe to with a username you choose, your email address you are using, and a password you specify. Once you become a member, you can add more personal information to your profile. Your email address and any other personal information that you hide is kept on the system and is not shared with third parties. You can cancel your membership account by contacting admin. The site administrator has the right to edit / delete / retain the messages you have submitted. Sharing illegal content and sending messages that violate the law are not allowed.


Apart from the content produced by Content Management, the topics on our website are composed of our members and our messages. These messages are sometimes copied from different addresses on the internet and added to our pages. In such messages, there is a requirement to include the link to the source address in the message. In the event of a claim or complaint, we may communicate with the management to take action regarding copyrighted content, a member of ours, or content that has been added by our visitors without my permission. Content on our website can only be shared by showing the source .

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