What are some technologies that are helpful for a fresher to get into the IT industry?

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    Node.js is comparatively new to the game, so a lot of time you’ll be breaking new ground with it. .NET, Java, PHP has been around for ages. This means that there are plenty of projects written in these technologies, and plenty of .NET, Java, PHP developers. It’s easy to get help to a tricky problem – it’s probably already been solved. It’s not a bad thing though, Node.js has learnt from the mistakes of other languages (including .NET, PHP or Java), and had little legacy crud. Node.js will probably have a bit of an edge where you have a lot of small connections. If you’re using a lot of Ajax on your pages, and doing a lot of asynchronous calls per page, or using web sockets or similar long connections, Node.js will work better.

    So I would suggest to opt for NodeJS. Node.js is an environment built on top of JavaScript. .NET is a language of its own.

    While they are both meant for server-side programming and they are intended to accomplish the same things, Node.js is the way to go.

    New Member Answered on July 4, 2017.
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