How do I learn Data Analytics?

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    Data Analytics is a vast topic or skill to acquire. The field of data analytics and analysis is all the rage these days, and the number of certifications is ticking up.

    There are numerous online websites which provide Data Analytic programs, helping you learn Data Analytics, like;

    Coursera, Edureka, Simpli LearnData Science Council of America, SAS etc.

    Below are few programs which are available online, which will help you learn Data Analytics:-

    Coursera – They have various segments of certification courses from Data Science, SQL to Big Data. They provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses online. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. There best courses are :-

    1. Master of Computer Science in Data Science (MCS-DS) – The MCS-DS builds expertise in four core areas of computer science: data visualization, machine learning, data mining and cloud computing, in addition to building valuable skill sets in statistics and information science with courses taught in collaboration with the University’s Statistics Department and iSchool
    2. Executive Data Science Specialization – This includes four intensive courses, you can learn what you need to know to begin assembling and leading a data science enterprise, even if you have never worked in data science before. You’ll get a crash course in data science so that you’ll be conversant in the field and understand your role as a leader

    Data Science Council of America – Getting credentialised by DASCA is beneficial because it provides growth in your Big Data Career and lands you the finest jobs. DASCA tests individuals along the world’s most robust generic Big Data knowledge framework – the EKF™ to validate their knowledge in 30 profession–critical dimensions, before awarding its certification. And that’s how a ABDA™, ABDE™, SBDA™, SBDE™, SDS™, and PDS™can lend the sharpest competitive edge to your employability and growth. Depending upon your qualifications and work experience Data Science Council provides the Certifcation Programs,viz,

    • Associate Big Data Engineer – The ABDE™is a certification for young graduating university and tech–school students around the world, readying themselves for exciting Big Data careers. Proving your proficiency, potential, and promise for developing and engineering Big Data programs, softwares, and applications is done best through the internationally accepted and recognized ABDE™ Certification.
    • Senior Big Data Engineer – The SBDE™ certification for experienced software engineers and professionals who are either already in the Big Data groove or may be aspiring to enter the space. The SBDE™ can be the most reliable differentiator of your high proficiency, potential, and promise for working on the most challenging of Big Data software and applications development projects internationally.
    • Associate Big Data Analyst – ABDA certification is for young business–school students and those graduating with majors like Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Economics, dreaming of making exciting careers in Big Data.
    • Senior Big Data Analyst – ABDA certification are for professionals wanting to pace up their growth in Big Data analytics. You can trust the internationally accepted and recognized SBDA™ Credential to prove best, your proficiency, potential, and promise for managing the most challenging assignments in Big Data analytics.
    • Senior Data Scientist – The SDS™ by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) adds speed to your journey of becoming a Big Data Scientist. This certification’s for accomplished Big Data analytics professionals looking for scientist roles. The SDS™ is the qualification that proves best, your proficiency, potential, and promise for handling the onerous responsibilities of Big Data Scientists.
    • Principal Data Analyst – PDS™ is one big snob of a qualification to hanker for, if you’re a gray head with 12+ years or more of accomplished experience in leading Big Data revolutions in large, complex environments, with Graduate/ Master’s degrees in Business/ Technology/ Mathematics or allied disciplines to boot.

    Simpli Learn – This offers some up to date certifications related to Data Analytics and Big Data. Their Courses included:

    You can visit Online Certification Training Courses for Professionals | Simplilearn to learn more in depth about their certifications

    SAS – SAS understands that every individual, in every industry, has its own unique challenges when it comes to getting the most value from data. One of the leaders in Statistical Analysis System provides 150-products solely dedicated to analytics, programming, etc. Check out there programs Products & Software A-Z

    Hope this helps you evaluate which Program will help you learn Data Analytics, according to your need


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