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    RE: Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war?

    I would say NO. Never.

    RE: Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war?

    It’s absolutely true that Chinese are more advanced than INDIANS but that doesn’t mean that they can defeat India.

    Let’s examine the After Effects of Indo-Chinese war. What might happen is Intimidating to both the countries.

    • India is a very big consumer of Chinese products. A war would end up making china economically weak.
    • Since both the countries are nuclear equipped, India has an edge over China since we can get ourselves involved in nuclear war, and they cannot.( Because of the pact)

    RE: Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war?

    • A war drives a country whether developed or underdeveloped into a chaotic situation. No country would ever want to go 15 years back to what it is now due to wars.
    • There has never been a single firing in Indo-Chinese border since last 40 yearsas stated by our PM on Russian Summit.

    RE: Can India defeat China in a full-fledged war?

    • India is close to USA and Donald Trump supports Indians and India more that chinese.
    • It might infuriate the fire of world war which is something niether of the country wants.
    • Every country has some areas where people are against the government.Incase of Pakistan it’s Baluchistan. Similarly, Chinese also have some parts in south and after Dalai Lama visiting India, the probabiliy of those parts getting away is quite pronounced.
    1. All this would lead to equivalent losses on both sides and none wants it to happen.
    2. That’s why this cold war would never become hot anytime in near future.
    3. Look for China–India relations – Wikipedia
    4. Also Look for Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses
    5. The Diplomat
    6. Modi’s Approach to Foreign Policy Has Disrupted India’s Ties With China
    7. Now after PM Modi’s entry to the Parliament, has made China somewhat tensed. Chinese media is everyday covering topics of greater tensions at the border.
    8. This is because India has a government which believes in “Eye-to-Eye” conversation.
    9. We consistently do things that all the governments should have done by now but didn’t.
    10. Chinese have been answered in their own way after BJP coming to power.
    11. Indeed, “It isn’t the India of 1962.”
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