RE: Which is the best website for online learning?

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There are many reasons why you should check these sites. Maybe you have some upcoming exams, or maybe you just want to learn and practice extra. They are truly helpful and I think everyone should at least once try them.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is probably one of the most well known education websites on the Internet due to the fact that it’s free. This helpful website covers subjects such as math, science, arts, and even computing. Ever since it first launched, it has only become more professional and easy to use.

Purdue OWL

From Purdue University in Indiana, Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) is focused on the craft of writing in English. There are multiple sections that teach several styles of writing, as well as subject-specific writing and MLA.


At first glance, Quizlet seems like a flashcard tool which you can use for almost anything. You then realize that there are over 100 million study sets for students, by students. The power of sharing flashcard sets is what truly makes Quizlet stand out from other flashcard websites.

My Study Life

My Study Life is all about getting ready to study and organization. You can input your schedule and set up tasks and reminders whenever you want. It’s available on almost all devices and syncs across them so you can easily switch without worrying where or what you’re doing.


Brainly lets anyone ask questions about any subject, with the hope that another user will answer it. You need a free account in order to see the verified answers to over 400,000 questions. Write your own question, or become one of the geniuses who answers questions for others.[1]

You can find more at The Best Sites.

Hope this will help you!


[1] The 10 Best Websites for Studying » The Best Sites

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