RE: What should we not ask Google?

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King New Member Asked on July 21, 2017 in Technology.
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  • How to make a bomb.
  • How to kill presidents.
  • How to hide dead bodies.

These are the type of things you should never ask Google. As it happens, a friend of one of the teachers of someone I knew searched for methods of making a bomb online. A week or so later, an explosion happened in the town. It was not a big thing, no one was injured but the news was big for a small town like ours. The intelligence suspected a planned terrorist attack in the town by people from a peaceful religion. The neighbours of the person said that he was a mysterious guy and he happened to be a member of the same religion. Guess who was caught and interrogated because they have searched something suspicious on Google? You got it right. Everything you search on google can be and will be scrutinised by the government if needed. And when asked for data, Google WILL comply.

There is a similar case where someone asked Siri “I just killed a man, where do I hide the body”. This was used in the court against the man (Siri’s Dead Body Joke Is Evidence in a Murder Trial).

Don’t be stupid with tech. Remember, Google is not your “friend”. Anything that you are not comfortable asking your friend is not good enough for being Googled.

PS: Incognito will not help you. Nor will proxies help a lot. If they want to, they will trace you back unless you are the ninja!


New Member Answered on July 21, 2017.
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