RE: What should we not ask Google?

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King New Member Asked on July 21, 2017 in Technology.
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Never, I repeat NEVER , search your ILLNESS on Google.

I had severe fever, sore throat, cold, felt weakness in body. My school and coaching was going on, so I wanted to recover from the illness as soon as possible. I googled the above mentioned symptoms.


Any guesses what Google came up with ?


This was year 2014There was an Ebola outbreak in November 2014, i.e, the time of my illness :/

I researched a bit about Ebola. I got to know that the largest Ebola outbreak in 2014 was in Africa. My neighbourhood was home to many African students! What if some infected person returned from there ?

All this, couldn’t be a mere coincidence. At first, I trembled. But by the time night came, I had already accepted it. I phoned my parents and talked ( you know, the usual stuff ). Then, I went for a walk.

It’s strange. I should be worried, but a sense of peace is settling over me”, I thought.

According to Wikipedia, death by Ebola occurs after 6 to 16 days. I recovered from my illness (read : cold) after 3 days -_-

I was being naive. Never have I been happier to be proven wrong 🙂

Lesson learnt : Never trust your search engine to help you with your illness.

New Member Answered on July 21, 2017.
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