RE: What are the main reasons why people don’t switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

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We do not have incentive or any benefit for switching. I have both, but I turn on my MacPro only for one specific program (The same program exist on Windows but I got a license for OS X version only)


I do not want to limit my future choices. If you are Windows user you have unlimited choices now and tomorrow. I have thousands of different models of laptops I can choose from, and I can even run Windows on MacBook, but I can also purchase a laptop that looks almost exactly as MacBook Pro but costs half the price for the same performance (see end), and in addition has touchscreen. I can choose from hundreds of different tablets that run full Windows, new phone model every month…

Present and Future

I am continuing to invest in the future. If you use Windows, you know there is also Internet-of-things running on Windows, XBox, phones, thousands of tablets, Laptops and 2-in-1, and holographic Hololens computers in the future.

RE: What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

If you are Apple user, you may have Apple car in the future (but you will probably buy self driving Google car, Tesla or Volvo) and next many years of the same MacBook/iPad/iPhone look as you have today or 5+ years ago, maybe a bit thinner.


I still need to get the work done as quickly as possible. New MacPros are pretty good, but if you are a scientist, in CAD, 3D industry or doing anything else where you need computational power to get the work done, it is not good enough. Apple does not even make MacPros with more than one CPU! If you use Windows, you can buy a PC with two CPUs and even 4 CPUs.
This is Intel’s current lineup and for a well funded project I can choose to get a Supermicro dual socket motherboard and add two E5-2699v3 CPUs which will give me total of 36 cores or 72 threads. I think top of the line MacPro has 12 core max and for the same price I can get 24 core PC – at that price point I do not care that MacPro is tiny or silent, I want to results in 12 hours, not 24!

RE: What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

Instead of MacPro’s 2 AMD cards, I can add 6 AMD or nVidia cards in a custom built PC running Windows. On Windows I can then use DirectX OR OpenGL for driving graphics, where on Mac I can only use OpenGL. Also I can also use CUDA cores of the nVidia Card instead of only OpenCL to speed up my hours long simulations several times.


I am still missing many software I just need.
OS X is only 8% of total desktop operating systems, so why switch from a product that 90% of people trust and enter a super-limited ecosystem?
There is a small number of new innovative software that runs on Apple that does not exist on Windows, but you can see much more “Windows only” software, because developers want to impact more people, have a bigger market and make more money. Now, you can say that it is true also for hackers to have more computers to target but data shows something else.

RE: What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

Windows users to not use anything from Apple’s closed ecosystem. 10 years ago many windows users used Apple’s QuickTime to play .MOV files, but since first version of VLC nobody even installs it any more. There is no other Apple product, software or service a Windows user needs.

On the other side, if you are Apple user you probably still use Microsoft Office, Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Bing (default search engine for Siri), Silverlight for Netflix streaming. Many have outlook/live/hotmail address or at least at work use Microsoft Exchange services for mail and calendar. Your company most likely has at least a few Windows servers or use Azure, ASP, maybe use Active Directory…
These are Microsoft’s apps for iPhone, do you know how many Apple’s apps are for Windows or Android?

RE: What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

On Windows PC you install iTunes only if you have iPhone, which is rare for a Windows user, but nothing else. We do not need any Apple’s software because we already have it all, but better.


Almost every periphery device ever build has a Windows driver.
Oh, a few months ago I got a Oculus Rift and I read that they dropped the support for OS X for now but luckily I have a Windows PC also.


(Thanks to Ozan Uyan for this section from comments)
Steam Search for Windows Games 280 pages
Steam Search for Mac OS Games 104 pages
Windows has almost triple the amount of games in quantity.
Also according to Steam Hardware & Software Survey page, only 3.5% of people are using Macs to play games and just 1% is using Linux. That’s almost 30 times more Windows machines running games than Macs. Much more incentive to develop games for Windows rather than Macs.


Well this deserves a category. We just love Windows.

RE: What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

I got a $79 7inch quad-core tablet that has full Windows on it and it can run everything made for Windows in the last 20 years. I can connect any USB device such as any keyboard, game controller, 3d printer, DSLR camera, 3d scanner, external HDD, or anything else with regular size USB cable. I have several 64GB microSD cards I can plug in if I need more storage on the go.
A simple adapter – Apple’s Camera Connection Kit for iPad costs $29 which is almost half the price of the whole this tablet which already has ability to connect camera or card.
I can run whole original free desktop versions Canon Utilities for remote shooting or whatever else. I can then install full desktop Photoshop and do whatever I want with the photos.

I can build small Windows file server or a robot with previously mentioned tablet or a new $40 Raspberry Pi running Windows.

I also have HP laptop Spectre x360 that looks almost the same as MacBook (that is not why I got it)…

RE: What are the main reasons why people don't switch from Windows PCs to Mac?

and even Mac users on the subway have that *** envy look when I flip it to a tablet mode…

…and start drawing on it with a pressure sensitive stylus or use it as a tablet.

These are just a few reasons… do you understand now why?

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